A rough price guide to your new bathroom

Bathrooms are an important feature of any home and a key attraction for any purchaser if you are thinking of selling your home.The average cost of a newly fitted bathroom is in the region of £3000 inc.VAT however this depends on the bathroom suite chosen to be installed. Below is a rough guide to prices and to what needs to be considered when selecting the items required for your new bathroom suite.

How much does a bath cost?

Basic: £70
Mid-range: £200
Top-end: £900-£10000

The cheapest end of the range is made from a thin acrylic and can be flimsy.  There are acrylic baths also at the top end of the price scale but they are made from thicker, fibreglass-reinforced acrylic and are of a far superior quality. The benefit of acrylic baths is that they keep water warm for longer than steel baths.

If you are on a tight budget a basic steel bath might be a good choice, as they tend to be more durable than the very low cost acrylic design.


How much does a shower cost?

Basic: £60-70
Mid-range: £150
Top-end: £500-£2000+

Electric showers heat water on demand. They are economical to run and easy to install and they start around £70. In some cases, low pressure can be an issue with electric showers.

Bath/shower mixer prices start from around £60. The shower hose and head are combined with the bath mixer tap. They are easy and cheap to fit but again pressure can be an issue and getting the temperature right might be a bit fiddly.

A wall mounted manual shower mixer, as the name suggests, blends hot and cold water together to achieve the desired showering temperature. Normally requiring high water pressure to operate, although the pressure can be increased with the introduction of a shower pump. Prices start from around £60.

Thermostatic mixers are similar to manual mixers but have a built-in thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature if a tap elsewhere in the house is being used. Prices start from around £80.

Power showers start at £200 and are connected to an integral pump to increase flow rate. They need a supply from both a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder, so they are not compatible with combi boilers.

There are also digital showers, shower towers, cabins etc. with multiple sprays and jets offering a luxury showering experience from £250-£2000+


How much does a shower enclosure cost?

Basic: £120
Mid-range: £130-£300
Top-end: £550+

Shower enclosures are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any bathroom space. A basic square or quadrant shower enclosure can cost as little as £120, depending on the thickness of glass panels/door.  You will still need to add the cost of a shower tray, which will cost from £90 at the lower end.

A walk-in shower enclosure, complete with walk-in tray and frameless shower screen will cost from £550.

Sureway installs bespoke wet rooms with high quality vinyl, white rock options or traditional tiles. As all wet rooms are unique there isn’t a general price guide we can provide.


How much does a basin cost?

Basic: £60
Mid-range: £70-£150
Top-end: £300+

Choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom can be a difficult task, given the range of choice on the market today.

Pedestal basins are the most popular and most cost effective basin purchase throughout Britain. The pedestal section of the basin not only looks sleek and contemporary but also supports the basin and masks the pipework in the walls or floor. Pedestal basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as with a variety of tap holes to suit almost any bathroom. Prices start from around £50-60

Semi-pedestal or wall-hang basins are popular options too, starting at £60.

Basins designed to sit in or on a vanity unit allow for storage and cost from £90 but remember to take the cost of the vanity unit they sit on into account. Most basins are ceramic, but there are other options, such as glass, metal and stone.


How much does a toilet cost?

Basic: £60
Mid-range: £200-£400
Top-end: £500

Close coupled – where the cistern sits directly on the back of the toilet pan.

Back to wall – where the toilet pan fits against the wall or a piece of furniture and a concealed cistern provides the water for flushing.

Wall hung – hangs on a sturdy metal frame and suspended above the floor, the water for flushing is supplied by a concealed cistern.

Low level and high level – where the cistern is fitted to the wall and connected to the toilet pan by a length of chrome pipe.


How much do taps cost?

Basic: £40
Mid-range: £50-£100
Top-end: £100s

The first thing to remember when choosing a bathroom tap, especially if you want to avoid changing it every 2 years, is to choose a brand that guarantees the product at least 5 years.

Pillar taps (separate tap for hot and cold) are the cheapest type of tap, costing from £40 pair. Mixer taps that have separate controls for hot and cold flow tend to be next up the scale, from £40-£50, with monobloc mixers usually at the top, from £50 up the £100s.

When choosing sanitary ware consider the effect they will have on the price of taps too. Counter-top, bowl-style basins will require wall-mounted taps or those set into a vanity unit, whilst freestanding baths will need wall or floor mounted taps. These can be more expensive than simple mixer taps located on the bath or basin, both to buy and fit.

The extras

Don’t forget tiles, lighting, heated towel rails and labour costs. Our dedicated team can estimate all these costs for you and provide you with a full written quotation.

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