Benefits of an electrolytic scale inhibitor

Lime scale affects a large number of households in the UK. Scale buildup on copper pipes and in hot water cylinders can cause them to become inefficient and expensive to run.

The scale inhibitor alters the makeup of the lime scale so it does not stick to the inside of pipes and appliances.

You’re effectively reducing the grime in your pipe work, encouraging a better flow rate and increasing the life of your appliances. The most important benefit from a cost perspective is that using any brand of scale inhibitor will require no maintenance, and your household bills will be reduced as your appliances will receive a more effective supply, it also extends the life of household hot water appliances such as shower units and hot water cylinders, therefore saving you money.

Once fitted, the electrolytic scale inhibitor needs no electricity supply, batteries, magnets or salt. It is a maintenance free alternative to a water softener. Depending on the hardness of the water and the flow rate, it will treat all the water and will need replacement only after 3-7 years.

An electrolytic scale inhibitor is cheaper to install than water softeners.  As an added benefit of the scale reducer that there are naturally occurring calcium ions in hard water which may benefit health, as the electrolytic scale inhibitor does not remove these calcium ions.

Does it work for stored water in a tank or cistern? Yes. The different crystal form in the lime scale is permanent. The scale inhibitor will be effective for water which is stored before use.

If you need any more information about fitting scale inhibitors, please feel free to call Sureway Heating Services on 01926 310900.

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